Brock Lesnar Removed from WWE Game Amid Janel Grant Allegations


Brock Lesnar Removed from WWE Game Amid Janel Grant Allegations

WWE superstar Brock Lesnar has been officially removed from the WWE 2K Supercard Digital Collectible Game following the allegations made against him in the Janel Grant case. According to reports from "PWInsider," the decision to exclude Lesnar from the digital card game is expected to be followed by further measures, including downplaying or complete removal of his presence from various 2K games in the future.

This move aligns with WWE's stance on Lesnar, who was initially slated to participate in the men's Royal Rumble match but was abruptly pulled from the event after allegations emerged against WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. The allegations made by Janel Grant in her lawsuit against McMahon claim that the former WWE CEO asked her to create "personalized s----l content" intended to persuade Lesnar to sign a new contract with WWE in 2020.

Lesnar's planned return at the Royal Rumble was subsequently replaced by Bron Breakker, who delivered an impressive performance in his Royal Rumble debut. In light of the serious allegations against McMahon, several business partnerships have been affected within the WWE community.

Slim Jim, a company that had previously signed a deal with WWE in the previous year, temporarily suspended their contract but later resumed their association with WWE following McMahon's resignation from TKO. Additionally, WWE took swift action by removing a Vince McMahon shirt from sale at the Royal Rumble venue and eliminating his profile page.

Allegations Prompt Uncertain Future

Wrestling aficionados may be witnessing the last appearances of both Lesnar and McMahon within a WWE ring, as noted by Dave Meltzer. The gravity of the allegations has prompted more potential victims to come forward, with Grant's attorney disclosing that additional individuals may step forward to share their experiences and allegations against McMahon.

These developments mark a significant turning point in WWE's history, as the company addresses allegations against key figures while striving to maintain its integrity and reputation in the world of professional wrestling.

The future of WWE, Lesnar, and McMahon remains uncertain as these allegations continue to reverberate throughout the industry.

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