Road Dogg Praises Ex-WWE Star's Exceptional Skills


Road Dogg Praises Ex-WWE Star's Exceptional Skills
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In a recent episode of the "Oh, You Didn't Know?" podcast, WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events, Road Dogg, offered high praise for Mustafa Ali, reflecting on the former WWE star's remarkable contributions both in and out of the ring.

Road Dogg, a WWE Hall of Famer, shared his admiration for Ali's creativity and work ethic, highlighting the exceptional vignettes Ali produced, which were so compelling that WWE decided to feature them on television. "I loved him from the get-go," Road Dogg reminisced, expressing his immediate appreciation for Ali's talent.

He was particularly impressed by Ali's initiative in creating engaging content, noting, "When he and his guys started putting together some vignettes and stuff, they were so good and creative that we started using them on the show." The incorporation of these vignettes into WWE programming underscored Ali's ability to captivate audiences with his storytelling, a skill that Road Dogg found invaluable.

Beyond his creative prowess, Road Dogg commended Ali for his dedication and physical appeal. "But he's a talented kid, man, and he's a good-looking dude and he can work his arse off. What's not to love about Ali?" he stated, acknowledging the comprehensive package that Ali brought to the WWE universe.

Ali's WrestleMania Buzz

The conversation also touched upon the buzz around Ali's potential push leading into WrestleMania 35, spurred by speculation that Bryan Danielson (formerly known as Daniel Bryan in WWE) had advocated for Ali.

Road Dogg clarified his involvement in the decision-making process and confirmed that there had indeed been discussions about a storyline that would feature a match between Ali and Danielson at the grand event. "It was talked about," he confirmed, shedding light on the backstage conversations that hinted at a significant opportunity for Ali.

WWE veteran Road Dogg recently praised Mustafa Ali, highlighting him as the ideal candidate for the Intercontinental Championship, a title known for catapulting wrestlers to stardom. Emphasizing Ali's potential and character, Road Dogg's endorsement reflects on the opportunities and paths that talents like Ali navigate within the WWE universe.

This acknowledgment from a respected figure like Road Dogg not only showcases Ali's capabilities but also the evolving dynamics and what-ifs of wrestling careers in the WWE landscape.

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