Bianca Belair Discusses Hesitancy Towards 'Love & WWE' Reality Show

Peek into WWE stars' lives beyond the ring.

by Noman Rasool
Bianca Belair Discusses Hesitancy Towards 'Love & WWE' Reality Show
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The WWE universe is abuzz with anticipation for the new reality series "Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez," set to premiere on Hulu this coming Friday. The show promises an intimate look into the lives of WWE's beloved duo, Bianca Belair and Montez Ford.

Despite the excitement surrounding the series, Belair revealed that she initially had reservations about venturing into reality television. In a candid interview on "The MMA Hour," the WWE star, known as the "EST of WWE," confessed her initial stance on reality TV was quite resistant.

"I've always told myself, 'I'm not cut out for reality TV. That's just not me,'" Belair shared. However, her perspective shifted dramatically when the opportunity for the show presented itself. "Never say never," she remarked, as both she and Ford eagerly embraced the chance to showcase their lives beyond the wrestling ring.

Belair views the series as a platform to reveal their authentic selves to fans, offering a glimpse of their personal dynamics outside the high-octane world of WWE.

WrestleMania's Reality Challenge

While the show's success and the possibility of a second season are still up in the air, Belair remains open to continuing the journey.

Yet, she expressed reservations about filming during the intense period leading up to WrestleMania, a time she recalls being particularly challenging. Balancing her role as champion with the demands of filming, appearances, and travel took a toll, especially as she fell ill around WrestleMania.

"The experience was nothing short of incredible, yet incredibly demanding," Belair reflected. The whirlwind schedule made it difficult for the reality show's cameras to keep up, underscoring the relentless pace of her life during that period.

As "Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez" gears up for its debut, fans are eager to dive deeper into the lives of one of WWE's most dynamic couples. Despite the hurdles, Belair's journey from skepticism to embracing the reality TV spotlight exemplifies her adaptability and commitment to connecting with her fans on a new level.

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