Dustin Rhodes Shares Evolution of Wrestling Style with Age


Dustin Rhodes Shares Evolution of Wrestling Style with Age
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As Dustin Rhodes advances into his mid-50s, his pace in the wrestling ring might have moderated, yet his presence in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) continues to be significant and impactful. This was particularly evident recently when Rhodes stepped in for Keith Lee on short notice, facing Swerve Strickland at AEW Worlds End, and then challenging Christian Cage for the AEW TNT Championship on "AEW Dynamite." Both matches were highly acclaimed and showcased Rhodes' enduring talent.

In a candid conversation with Denise Salcedo, Rhodes reflected on his current mindset and how it has evolved over his illustrious career. Despite the years, he confessed to experiencing more nerves now than in his earlier days, a sentiment not rooted in a desire to silence his critics but rather in a personal quest to meet his own high standards.

Rhodes expressed, "At this point, I don't feel the need to prove myself to others. I've established my capabilities. But there's this internal drive to reassure myself that I'm still capable of delivering performances that meet my expectations." He acknowledged the incredible talent within AEW and his efforts to stay competitive.

"It's about staying 'young' in spirit and keeping pace with the incredible talent around me, despite being 54, nearing 55," he added.

Adapting with Age

Dustin Rhodes delved into the necessity of personal and professional evolution, emphasizing how vital it is for him to rejuvenate his wrestling persona to stay pertinent in the ever-changing landscape of the sport.

"Introducing new elements into my character or mixing things up a bit gives me a renewed sense of purpose and extends my enjoyment of this profession," he remarked. This approach not only keeps Rhodes' character fresh for the audience but also invigorates his passion for wrestling.

This continuous reinvention and dedication to his craft underscore Rhodes' commitment to wrestling and his adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of the sport, proving that age is but a number when it comes to passion and performance in the ring.

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