Velveteen Dream's Patrick Clark Opens Up About WWE NXT Exit and Legal Troubles


Velveteen Dream's Patrick Clark Opens Up About WWE NXT Exit and Legal Troubles
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Former WWE NXT star The Velveteen Dream, whose real name is Patrick Clark, recently opened up about his contentious departure from WWE and his subsequent legal issues in a candid interview with Chris Van Vliet. Amidst a backdrop of controversy following allegations of inappropriate behavior in 2020, Clark's wrestling career took a dramatic turn, leading to his release from WWE in 2021.

Clark vehemently denies that his WWE exit was a result of the allegations, pointing fingers at independent wrestler Josh Fuller. Fuller, along with Jacob Schmidt, accused Clark of attempting to groom him. Clark contends their relationship was purely professional, aimed at mentoring Fuller in wrestling.

He emphasizes that he severed ties with Fuller after the latter ignored advice to halt wrestling due to concussions, fearing the liability on his own career. In the interview, Clark delved into the specifics of his WWE release.

He referenced a statement by WWE executive Paul "Triple H" Levesque, which he interprets as absolving him of the accusations. Clark accuses Fuller of perpetuating a negative narrative on social media, despite Fuller's own admission that Clark's interactions with him were never "directly intimate."

Clark's Legal Troubles Explained

Clark's post-WWE life has been marred by arrests related to misdemeanor battery and drug possession, which he attributes to the personal turmoil following the allegations against him.

He admits to struggling with coping mechanisms, leading to prolonged isolation in Orlando, Florida, which he believes contributed to his legal troubles. One particular incident Clark recounts is an arrest following a traffic stop, where cocaine was discovered in his possession.

He regrets not addressing public assumptions about his drug use, which compounded his challenges. A subsequent arrest for a probation violation added to his legal woes. Through these revelations, Clark sheds light on the complexities surrounding his controversial exit from WWE, his efforts to mentor young talent gone awry, and the personal and legal battles that ensued.

His story underscores the turbulent journey of a once-promising WWE talent navigating the aftermath of career-altering allegations and personal missteps.

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