Cody Rhodes Set to Participate in Bullrope Match


Cody Rhodes Set to Participate in Bullrope Match
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Cody Rhodes is currently one of WWE’s most popular stars. He is the son of Dusty Rhodes, who was one of the most popular wrestling promoters of all time. Cody is currently in his second WWE run. His first run saw him win a few titles.

He also fought some of the best WWE stars at all time. He worked with his real brother, Dustin Rhodes (known as Goldust at that time) during his first run. In interviews, he stated that it was one of the best parts of his career.

Cody Rhodes Is Set to Fight Shinsuke Nakamura at a WWE TV event

Cody has recently expressed interest in fighting Shinsuke Nakamura. This was after Cody got attacked by Shinsuke during a live event. Shinsuke used his famous green mist into his eyes after their match.

The match was announced by Raw General Manager, Adam Pearce on X. On X, Adam also confirmed that Cody wants a bullrope match in his post. "Ladies and gentlemen, Adam Pearce coming to you tonight from Chicago where I'm between flights to bring you this breaking news regarding tomorrow night's 'Raw' from St.

Louis. By now I'm sure you've seen the footage that took place last night in Knoxville between Cody Rhodes and Shinsuke Nakamura. As a result of the footage and in speaking to both parties, I'm sanctioning a one-on-one contest tomorrow night live on 'Raw,' Cody Rhodes vs.

Shinsuke Nakamura. But, per Cody's request, this is going to be a bullrope match," said Pearce. During the previously mentioned live event, Shinsuke and Cody fought each other in a street fight. Cody won that match. He is also the winner of the 2024 Royal Rumble.

Shinsuke and Cody have fought each other a few times over the last couple of months. Last month, Cody managed to defeat Shinsuke on RAW. Besides this, Cody and Shinsuke have fought each other at live events in the bullrope format.

However, on the 5th of February, 2024, the two will face each other for the first time in a bullrope match during a televised event. Cody Rhodes plans for WrestleMania are still not 100% clear as The Rock is set to face WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns at that event.

Although Cody has won the Royal Rumble match, he probably won’t be able to challenge Roman at WrestleMania, unless the WWE decides to make it a Triple Threat match. Cody has also worked for AEW and was one of their Executive Vice Presidents.

Why he left AEW for the WWE is still unclear to this day, but it appears that he saw the decline of AEW happening in front of him and decided to leave.

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