Maria Kanellis Clarifies Misconceptions About Her WWE Career

Exploring the untold truths behind a wrestling duo's journey.

by Noman Rasool
Maria Kanellis Clarifies Misconceptions About Her WWE Career
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Maria Kanellis, a prominent figure in professional wrestling, recently tackled numerous inaccuracies and rumors surrounding her WWE tenure. Renowned for her forthrightness, Kanellis utilized her X account to dispel these misconceptions, offering an in-depth perspective on the various challenges and pivotal moments she encountered within the industry titan.

This move aimed to provide fans and the public with a more nuanced understanding of her journey and experiences in the world of wrestling. In her detailed post, Kanellis revealed that her initial departure from WWE in 2010 was a decision made after being offered a salary significantly lower than her male counterparts, a factor that led her to decline a contract renewal.

She emphasized the stark wage disparity, stating she was offered merely a third of what the male wrestlers were earning at the time.

WWE Return Disillusionment

Kanellis also touched upon her return to WWE alongside her husband, Mike Bennett, where they were led to believe they were entering a reformed WWE environment.

However, the reality fell short of their expectations. The couple was reportedly misled about their creative direction within the company, and contrary to some claims, they neither received assistance for rehabilitation from WWE nor were they given the lucrative contracts often associated with WWE stardom.

Kanellis expressed her frustration with the false narratives and rumors surrounding their time in WWE, some of which she attributes to WWE loyalists, certain media entities, and misinformation spread online. She aimed to set the record straight, highlighting that their earnings and lifestyle were not as extravagant as some reports suggested, and their contracts were average, lasting only six months.

After they departed from WWE in 2020, both Kanellis and Bennett have continued their wrestling careers, now making waves in AEW. Bennett has joined Adam Cole's faction, while Kanellis supports emerging talents like Griff Garrison, showcasing their ongoing commitment to the sport.

Kanellis's candid revelations offer a glimpse into the challenges and realities faced by wrestlers in the industry, emphasizing the importance of transparency and truth in an era where misinformation can easily proliferate.

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