Kelly Kelly Talks About Her Ring Name

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Kelly Kelly Talks About Her Ring Name

Kelly Kelly is a former WWE Superstar. She is called Barbara Blank in her real life. She was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet and he asked her a few questions about her WWE career. Blank started by speaking about her name and how Vince McMahon came up with it.

"So Vince came up with the name," Blank said. "The first episode of ECW, it was going to be Kelly. He had given me a list of I picked Kelly because I thought that was cute”. A few superstars were not happy about The WWE signing her.

She was criticized but claims that her thick skin helped her. "We got a lot of people who were not happy about it," Blank shared. "You have to give so much respect to the people who have been there and worked for years to get in this spot.

I tried to come in as respectful as I could by shaking everyone's hand and standing back too and don't be in anybody's way and keeping my mouth shut”. Kelly Kelly wasn’t very well known for her in-ring ability and was more of a show piece.

She was regularly used as an exhibitionist. Kelly Kelly worked for the WWE before the Women’s Revolution started. So women were not taken as seriously as they are right now. That is the reason why she was limited to mainly a role of an exhibitionist.