Matt Riddle Optimistic About WWE Comeback

Matt Riddle discusses his wrestling journey and future.

by Noman Rasool
Matt Riddle Optimistic About WWE Comeback

In a candid conversation with "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Matt Riddle, the former WWE United States Champion, opened up about his prospects of returning to WWE, despite his release in September 2023 after an incident at JFK Airport in New York.

Riddle, known to fans as the "King of Bros," shared his optimistic outlook, invoking the precedent set by CM Punk's return to the ring. "If CM Punk can come back, there's a definite chance for me," Riddle remarked, highlighting the unpredictable nature of wrestling careers.

Riddle's departure from WWE coincided with a tumultuous period marked by corporate restructuring following the TKO merger, leading to widespread layoffs within the company. Despite the upheaval, Riddle harbors no resentment towards WWE, UFC, or their parent company, Endeavor.

Expressing gratitude for the platforms and opportunities provided to him, he stated, "I'm not bitter; I'm grateful. I had the privilege to fight in the biggest fight organization in the world."

Riddle's WWE Reflections

Riddle's self-awareness about his contentious standing within WWE, primarily due to his recreational drug use, was evident as he reflected on his past actions and their misalignment with WWE's PG content guidelines.

He acknowledged, "I was a PR nightmare for a company like WWE." Looking ahead, Riddle is set to step into the ring for New Japan Pro Wrestling at The New Beginning In Sapporo on February 23. His upcoming match against Hiroshi Tanahashi for the NJPW World Television Championship marks a significant milestone in his wrestling journey post-WWE.

Riddle's openness about his past and his future aspirations in professional wrestling underscores the ever-evolving dynamics of the industry, where comebacks are always within the realm of possibility. His story serves as a testament to the resilience and adaptability required in the ever-changing world of sports entertainment.

Matt Riddle