Danny Cage Speaks About Damian Priest’s Training and Potential


Danny Cage Speaks About Damian Priest’s Training and Potential
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Danny Cage is currently associated with the Monster Factory and he played a very important role in training Damian Priest. Damian Priest is part of the popular faction of WWE called Judgment Day. According to Cage, he saw a lot of potential in Damian.

He spoke to Under The Ring about Damian.

Danny Cage Speaks About The Potential He Saw in Damian Priest During Training

"Here's the thing, I was a wrestler when he first walked in," Cage admitted. "I didn't see him again until 2010 ...[we] just picked up like it was nothing." He told Under The Ring that he and QT Marshall actually fought Damian during the early parts of his career.

"Damian Priest ... I saw so much potential but he couldn't get out of his own way," Cage said. "I kinda like called him out during a Gerald Brisco seminar and then me and Gerald Brisco got in his head and it was like that switch was like, 'I'm never gonna be embarrassed again.

I'm never gonna feel bad about myself again.' " Cage believes that many people held Damian back as they believed that he was becoming a start too early in his career. Usually, this hasn’t worked well for many wrestlers in the past.

We have seen wrestlers rise very quickly, but they also fall extremely quickly and never rise again. Wrestlers that usually rise slowly and over a long period of time are the ones that last longer. Cage shared Damian’s attitude towards training.

Damian would show up early for warm-ups which caused him to lose weight. Damian got into shape as a result and performed well at Ring of Honor. He also participated in a lot of tryouts during his time in Ring of Honor. Due to his performance, Cage approached a WWE executive to share Damian’s work.

That bought Damian into the WWE radar. These days, Damian is one of the most popular WWE stars. In fact, he is regularly featured on WWE TV. He is currently holding one-half of the WWE Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles. Before becoming a Tag Team Champion, he was an NXT North American Champion, WWE United Stated Champion, and also holds the Money in The Bank briefcase.

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