Rhea Ripley Speaks About Charlotte Flair


Rhea Ripley Speaks About Charlotte Flair
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Rhea Ripley is one of the top stars in WWE right now and holds the WWE Women’s World Title. Since joining the WWE, she has fought some of the WWE’s best stars. She was also part of WWE NXT UK and become the NXT Women’s Champion by defeating Charlotte Flair at two WrestleMania events.

Rhea was at one time Charlotte’s main rival. They went back and forth, and some of their matches were extremely well received by fans and critics.

Rhea Ripley Speaks About Her Matches with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania

Rhea recently appeared at Notsam Wrestling.

She spoke about how she used to give it her all in her matches against Charlotte Flair. "We just wanted to go out there, and we wanted to steal the show," Ripley said. "[The] build wasn't there, other one was, and I completely understand it.

I think the boys really deserved that main event spot, but we wanted to go out there and we wanted to prove that with the proper build, we could have had that spot and we could've stolen the whole entire show and knocked it off with such a perfect match." Rhea fought Charlotte for the first time at WrestleMania during the pandemic era.

It took place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Since it was during the pandemic era, no fans were present to see the match live. Rhea admitted that she wanted to be out of the Performance Center as that was effecting her performance.

She also didn’t like that fact that there was no crowd, so she could not get the full WrestleMania experience. Even though things were not ideal for the match, Rhea admitted that she wanted to get in the ring with Charlotte in any case.

"She was always the person that I'd say in interviews that I wanted to fight at WrestleMania," Ripley said. "And I finally got that opportunity. I finally made it, and then everything got ripped away from me... Obviously, I lost my 'NXT' Women's Championship, which sucked, but whatever.

But to get it all back at WrestleMania 39, it felt like a complete sort of journey." Rhea Ripley was at one time considered to be an unbeatable wrestler. She was portrayed as a very strong wrestler and she proved that by performing extremely difficult power moves with relative ease.

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