Rhea Ripley Reflects on WrestleMania Showdowns with Charlotte Flair


Rhea Ripley Reflects on WrestleMania Showdowns with Charlotte Flair
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WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley has risen through the ranks to become one of the brightest stars in the company. Her journey from "WWE NXT UK" to becoming the "NXT" Women's Champion and facing off against Charlotte Flair at two WrestleMania events is a testament to her dedication and skill in the world of professional wrestling.

In a recent interview on "Notsam Wrestling," Rhea Ripley opened up about her experiences, particularly reflecting on her WrestleMania encounters with Charlotte Flair. While discussing their WrestleMania 39 match, Ripley acknowledged that the build-up to the bout wasn't as extensive as both competitors would have liked.

Despite this, their determination to deliver a show-stealing performance was unwavering. "We just wanted to go out there, and we wanted to steal the show," Ripley emphasized. "The build wasn't what we expected, but I completely understand it.

I think the male superstars really deserved that main event spot. Nevertheless, we aimed to prove that with the proper build, we could have earned that spot and delivered a match that would be remembered as a highlight of the event."

Pandemic WrestleMania Debut

Ripley's first WrestleMania clash with Charlotte Flair occurred during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and took place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, which Ripley admitted was not the ideal setting for such a momentous occasion.

She expressed her disappointment in not having a live audience to share the experience with, as the WWE Universe plays a significant role in the WrestleMania spectacle. "Competing without the crowd at the Performance Center was tough," Ripley revealed.

"I didn't get the full WrestleMania experience that I had dreamed of. Nevertheless, Charlotte was always the opponent I had in mind for a WrestleMania showdown." Rhea Ripley's journey to WrestleMania with Charlotte Flair was a dream come true.

Despite setbacks, including losing her 'NXT' Women's Championship, regaining it at WrestleMania 39 felt like a full-circle moment. Her story of determination inspires wrestlers and fans alike. Ripley's passion and dedication shine, even in challenging circumstances.

As WWE Women's World Champion, her future performances hold promise, making her a beacon of inspiration in the world of professional wrestling.

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