WWE Top Star Training Struggles Revealed by Danny Cage


WWE Top Star Training Struggles Revealed by Danny Cage
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Monster Factory's head trainer, Danny Cage, a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling training, recently shared insights about the early days of WWE Raw superstar Damian Priest's career. Cage's perspective sheds light on the remarkable journey that has led Priest to become a central figure in WWE programming.

Cage's connection with Damian Priest dates back to when he was an active wrestler himself. Cage recalled their initial encounter, emphasizing that he and QT Marshall had faced Priest early in his career. However, it wasn't until 2010 that they reconnected, and their rapport picked up seamlessly.

Unleashing Priest's Potential

Reflecting on Damian Priest's potential, Cage spoke of the raw talent he observed in him. He believed in Priest's abilities but noted that early on, the wrestler struggled to overcome certain obstacles, primarily due to premature stardom expectations placed upon him by others.

Cage candidly disclosed that he took it upon himself to address this issue during a Gerald Brisco seminar. Together with Gerald Brisco, they worked on Priest's mindset, igniting a transformative shift. It was then that Priest resolved never to be embarrassed or feel inadequate again.

Cage recounted how Priest's dedication began to shine through as he started showing up early for training sessions, leading to significant physical transformations. His commitment eventually resulted in successful tryouts and a notable stint with Ring of Honor (ROH).

During Priest's time in ROH, Cage showcased his work to a WWE executive, effectively putting the former ROH World Television Champion on WWE's radar. Today, Damian Priest stands as a cornerstone of WWE programming. He not only holds the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship as a member of Judgment Day but also boasts an impressive list of accomplishments, including the NXT North American Championship, the WWE United States Championship, and the current possession of the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Priest's remarkable journey, as shared by Danny Cage, serves as a testament to his perseverance and dedication to the sport of professional wrestling. It showcases the transformative power of mentorship and the belief in one's potential, ultimately propelling Damian Priest to his current position as a WWE superstar.

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