Torrie Wilson Speaks About Health Issues that Made Her Quit WWE


Torrie Wilson Speaks About Health Issues that Made Her Quit WWE
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Torrie Wilson is a former WWE star, who is mostly known for her work during the Ruthless Aggression Era. She served as a manager for various stars, and was also a professional wrestler. She was present during an era where women were used as a show piece and weren’t given the attention that male wrestlers where given at the time.

Torrie Wilson Speaks About the Injuries that Forced Her to Retire

Torrie was very famous during her career. She had a huge fan following, but was known for her looks, more than her in-ring wrestling ability. Torrie had to retire in 2008, but has kept herself in terrific shape as she is into fitness.

She was also into fitness before she joined professional wrestling. She appeared on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, where she admitted that she still has various health problems due to her time in professional wrestling. "I'm in better shape probably, but my back doesn't think so," Wilson said.

Torrie believes that people have often downplayed her injuries. Most people do not know that she had to get back surgery done in 2008, and that kept her out of the game for a really long time. She stated that due to the pain in her back, she had to lie down at times for 45 minutes.

She also had to take Vicodin and visit a chiropractor to get her back treated. She also stated that the pain in the back was constant. The issues became so bad that she had to ask the WWE to release her. "I was kind of at this chapter in my life where I was just kind of ready to not be traveling all the time," Wilson said.

"The person that I was dating had been fired, so it was nice to be home. I had just opened up a clothing store in Texas, I was like, 'Okay I can do this, I don't need to travel anymore,' so I just basically asked if I could have my release." Torrie admits that she felt a sense of relief when she was forced into early retirement due to her back injury. She made a few appearances for the WWE since then, but she never made a full-time or part-time return to the company.

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