Giulia's WWE Signing: Exclusive Backstage Insights!


Giulia's WWE Signing: Exclusive Backstage Insights!
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In a significant development for the world of professional wrestling, WWE is gearing up to sign a notable free agent this year. The anticipation has been building for months as wrestling fans eagerly await the arrival of Giulia, a highly regarded talent from the world of STARDOM.

While the wrestling community was buzzing with rumors and speculations, it's now confirmed that WWE is on the cusp of adding Giulia to their roster. For months, it had been widely speculated that Giulia was fielding offers from both WWE and NJPW, ultimately narrowing down her options to either join WWE or continue her association with NJPW.

Notably, AEW was not in contention for her signature, leaving Giulia with the tough decision between two wrestling giants. The STARDOM star's current contract is set to expire in March, and that's when her transition to WWE is expected to begin in earnest.

However, there's a unique twist to this story. Giulia has displayed remarkable loyalty to STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa, who recently left the promotion. In an admirable show of dedication, Giulia has decided to assist Ogawa with his new wrestling venture before fully embarking on her WWE journey.

Dave Meltzer on Giulia's Loyalty

Dave Meltzer, a well-respected voice in the wrestling world, shed light on the situation during a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. He emphasized Giulia's unwavering loyalty to Ogawa, who played a pivotal role in her rise to stardom within the world of STARDOM.

Meltzer revealed that Giulia's decision to delay her WWE debut is a testament to her word and loyalty. Meltzer stated, "So when Rossi was going to start, you know, Giulia was very loyal to him, and she was on board. The reason that she is delaying her WWE start is so she could at least be there to kick off the promotion for a while and get the promotion going.

And then, you know, she is going to end up with WWE at some point, but when WWE was interested in her, she basically gave her word she would help when he started out, and that's what she's gonna do. She's actually postponing her WWE debut because she'd given her word." This decision showcases Giulia's admirable commitment to her promises and her respect for the person who helped shape her career.

Wrestling fans can now eagerly await Giulia's eventual arrival in WWE, knowing that she brings not only immense talent but also a sense of loyalty and integrity to the squared circle. As the wrestling world watches with bated breath, Giulia's transition to WWE promises to be a significant moment in her career and a major talking point in the wrestling community. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development.