CM Punk's New WWE Role Revealed


CM Punk's New WWE Role Revealed
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WWE star CM Punk is currently on the sidelines due to a torn triceps injury sustained during the Royal Rumble, a situation that has unfortunately derailed plans for a highly anticipated World Heavyweight Championship showdown with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 40.

This isn't the first time CM Punk has faced such a setback; he previously encountered a similar injury to his other arm during his time with AEW, which led to a nine-month hiatus from the ring. His return was further complicated by a backstage altercation with The Elite following the All Out event in 2022.

Amidst this unforeseen break from in-ring action, WWE is reportedly considering a new role for CM Punk to keep him engaged with the WWE Universe. According to sources close to Fightful Select, WWE is keen on having CM Punk join the commentary team during his recovery period.

Ace Steel, a close friend of CM Punk and a former AEW producer, shared on the Wrestling Perspective podcast that while WWE is interested in this idea, there are concerns about integrating CM Punk into storylines, especially on shows featuring Drew McIntyre, who is storyline-responsible for CM Punk's on-screen injury.

CM Punk's NXT Possibility

Steel expressed a preference for Punk to potentially contribute on NXT or another platform, separate from McIntyre, to avoid storyline complications. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the authenticity of Punk's injury narrative amidst fan speculation and the typical suspension of disbelief in professional wrestling.

This move to commentary would not only keep CM Punk visible to fans but also utilize his renowned mic skills and wrestling insight. However, WWE's creative team is tasked with navigating the storyline intricacies to prevent any on-screen conflicts, especially given the physical nature of Punk's scripted exit.

As WWE and Punk contemplate this transitional role, fans are eager to see how the charismatic star will continue to contribute to the WWE landscape, even from behind the commentary desk.

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