Nick Aldis Claps Back at Travis Kelce's Unique Wrestling Name Pick

Super Bowl excitement leads to unexpected wrestling name reveal.

by Noman Rasool
Nick Aldis Claps Back at Travis Kelce's Unique Wrestling Name Pick

In the high-energy run-up to this weekend's Super Bowl, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs has been the focal point of media attention. Amidst discussions about the big game and his rumored ties with pop icon Taylor Swift, Kelce was thrown an unexpected curveball: his hypothetical pro-wrestling moniker.

Opting for originality, he suggested "The Big Yeti," inadvertently echoing a lesser-known WCW persona from the mid-'90s. WWE took note of Kelce's unique choice, prompting Nick Aldis, the esteemed General Manager of "WWE SmackDown," to weigh in with a playful critique on social media.

"Let's workshop the name but love the energy," Aldis remarked, opening the door to potential collaboration while playfully nodding to the wrestling name's historical context. The original Yeti, portrayed by Ron Reis, made a memorable yet fleeting appearance in WCW, initially introduced in an enigmatic ice block but bearing a mummy's guise rather than a mythical snow creature's.

The character's direction swiftly changed, adopting a ninja persona before fading from the television scene early in 1996.

Kelce's WWE Tease

Kelce, a prominent NFL figure, has previously flirted with the idea of stepping into the wrestling world, engaging in tentative discussions with WWE.

The conversation reignited recently when WWE's Grayson Waller challenged Kelce to a WrestleMania showdown, even suggesting a role for Taylor Swift in the spectacle. While Kelce's immediate focus is undoubtedly on football, the interest from WWE in collaborating with the NFL star is palpable.

The wrestling promotion has a history of integrating football talents into its ranks, with notable figures like Rob Gronkowski and Lawrence Taylor making transitions into the ring, and former punter Pat McAfee currently serving as a "WWE Raw" commentator.

As the Super Bowl spotlight shines on Kelce, the possibility of a future in the wrestling ring adds an intriguing layer to his already dynamic career, suggesting a potential crossover event that could captivate fans from both worlds.

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