The Rock WWE Return Sparks Threats, NXT GM Ava Deletes X Account


The Rock WWE Return Sparks Threats, NXT GM Ava Deletes X Account
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In a dramatic turn of events within the WWE universe, "WWE NXT" General Manager Ava, also known as Simone Johnson and daughter of wrestling icon Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, has been compelled to delete her X account, previously recognized as Twitter.

This decision comes in the wake of relentless online backlash directed at WWE following a recent storyline development on "WWE Smackdown." The controversy erupted on February 2 when The Rock made an unexpected appearance on "WWE Smackdown," stepping into a storyline that saw him confront Roman Reigns.

This surprise twist caused Cody Rhodes to step aside from his anticipated WrestleMania face-off with "The Tribal Chief," allowing The Rock to take his place. The shift in narrative has not been well-received by a vocal section of the WWE fan base, particularly those supporting Rhodes.

Their discontent quickly spiraled into a series of online attacks, with some fans directing their ire towards NXT GM Ava.

Ava's Unwelcome Spotlight

Ava, who was known as Ava Raine in The Schism, has been thrust into an unwelcome spotlight due to her real-life connection to The Rock.

Her recent admission of receiving death threats from enraged WWE fans has highlighted the intense, sometimes dark side of fan engagement in the wrestling world. This alarming situation led to her decision to temporarily step back from social media for her well-being.

"Can y'all just leave me out of this," Ava implored in a post preceding the deletion of her account. "I'm busy running a SHOW." Despite not specifying the cause, it's hard to imagine any other catalyst than the Rock/Rhodes situation that would provoke such extreme reactions from fans.

Ava later expressed her frustration and bewilderment over receiving "death threats over a situation I have nothing to do with." Meanwhile, reports from PWInsider suggest that The Rock's participation in WrestleMania 40 is a foregone conclusion, with a matchup against Roman Reigns seemingly inevitable.

WWE is closely monitoring fan reactions to these developments, indicating a willingness to pivot their creative direction to ensure storylines resonate with their audience. Despite the online turmoil, Ava's recent appearance on "NXT" was met with a wave of support, as fans in attendance rallied around her with chants of encouragement.

This incident underscores the passionate, sometimes volatile nature of wrestling fandom and the impact it can have on the performers and personalities within this high-octane world of entertainment.

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