Road Dogg Talks About Scripted Promos

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Road Dogg Talks About Scripted Promos

Road Dogg is a former member of Degeneration X and he was present during the Attitude Era. Just like all the members of the DX, he too relied on profanity to get him through his promos and over with the fans. Road Dogg now works for NXT backstage after quitting his role of a lead writer at the WWE.

These days, many people speak about the scripted promos that are a major part of the WWE. According to many, this limits the creativity of a wrestler. The WWE literally tells them exactly what to say and do in the promos. Some wrestlers are only given bullet points.

Road Dogg spoke about trust building. He stated that after a while, the WWE allows the wrestlers to add a few lines of their own. "I don't think it's a separate page, I think it becomes a trust issue with who can cut a good promo and who can't cut a good promo," said Road Dogg.

“So, do I have to script out the promo for the individual and then kinda be a stickler for sticking to the verbiage that was written? Or do I trust the guy to give him bullet points and the message he needs to deliver and then trust that he can go out there and make that verbiage his own, make that message his own but still stay on story?”