Upcoming Free Agent Postpones Major WWE Deal Following Recent Termination

Giulia's wrestling future takes unexpected turn amid Stardom shakeup.

by Noman Rasool
Upcoming Free Agent Postpones Major WWE Deal Following Recent Termination
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In the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, WWE enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the potential signings of some of the industry's top talent. Amidst this atmosphere of anticipation, news has emerged that a highly sought-after wrestler is putting a pause on her much-speculated WWE debut, attributing the delay to recent developments behind the scenes.

At the center of these rumors is 29-year-old Giulia, a standout performer currently showcasing her skills in World Wonder Ring Stardom, a renowned platform for premier female wrestling talent. As her contract approaches its expiration at the end of March, speculation has been rife about her next move, with WWE being a prominent contender.

Giulia's WWE Debut Delayed

The wrestling community was abuzz when Triple H was queried about WWE's keen interest in securing Giulia's talents. However, recent events, particularly the unexpected dismissal of Stardom's founder Rossy Ogawa, have thrown a wrench into the proceedings.

Esteemed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer shed light on the situation during a segment on the Wrestling Observer Radio podcast. He explained that Giulia's transition to WWE is being deferred as she has committed to aiding Ogawa in launching a new wrestling promotion.

Meltzer elaborated, "Giulia made a promise to assist in the establishment of the new venture, and she intends to honor that commitment. This dedication to her word is the reason behind the postponement of her WWE debut." Speculation around Giulia's move to WWE had been gaining momentum, with reports from Fightful Select describing her as a "priority acquisition" for the company.

The expectation was for her to join WWE's Performance Center, potentially bypassing NXT if she demonstrated readiness for the main roster. Furthermore, it's been reported that Giulia is taking time to enhance her English language skills, reflecting her Italian and Japanese heritage.

Despite grappling with muscle pain, as mentioned in a recent tweet, Giulia's resolve remains strong, indicating her unwavering commitment to her wrestling career. As the wrestling world watches on, it remains to be seen when Giulia will make her grand entrance into WWE, adding another chapter to her already impressive career.