Cody Rhodes Switch: WWE RAW's New Veteran?


Cody Rhodes Switch: WWE RAW's New Veteran?
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The road to WrestleMania for Cody Rhodes has become increasingly uncertain, sparking fervent debates regarding his potential opponent's brand affiliation—whether it's WWE SmackDown or RAW. However, should Rhodes find himself squared against a Friday night contender at The Grandest Stage of Them All, speculation arises about a formidable replacement on Monday nights.

Rhodes recently made WWE history, clinching back-to-back Royal Rumble victories, igniting anticipation for his WrestleMania journey. Many anticipated a clash with Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, only to be tantalized by The Rock's potential matchup with The Tribal Chief, sparking fan outrage.

With mainstream attention drawn to this fervor, WWE might reconsider a Rhodes-Reigns showdown. Should Rhodes confront Reigns at WrestleMania, his presence on SmackDown could amplify, potentially leading to a permanent switch if he secures the coveted title.

In Rhodes' potential absence, LA Knight emerges as a prime candidate to fill his void on RAW. Knight's ascent in fan support and prominence over the past year positions him as a viable replacement for Rhodes. Having tangled with elite talents like Reigns and Cena, Knight's stature is undeniable, rivaling that of Rhodes.

RAW Opportunities Await

With Knight's narrative regarding the Universal Title potentially concluded, RAW's roster presents a fresh canvas for him to explore. Whether vying for the Intercontinental title against Gunther or locking horns with members of The Judgment Day faction, Knight's versatility offers a myriad of captivating matchups.

Parallels between Rhodes and Knight extend beyond their in-ring prowess, with both enduring struggles before finding their footing on the main roster. Knight's journey, as highlighted by veteran Dutch Mantell, echoes Rhodes' resilience, resonating with audiences despite initial setbacks.

While Rhodes secures a guaranteed spot at WrestleMania, Knight's path remains uncertain, with speculation hinting at a potential clash with Logan Paul for the United States Championship.

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