Road Dogg Shares Cherished Chyna Memories


Road Dogg Shares Cherished Chyna Memories

In a heartfelt episode of his podcast "Oh, You Didn't Know?", WWE Hall of Famer Brian "Road Dogg" James shared poignant memories of his time with the late Chyna, affectionately known as "The 9th Wonder of the World," who left an indelible mark on the wrestling world during the iconic Attitude Era.

Chyna's groundbreaking contributions to professional wrestling have solidified her legacy as a trailblazer and legend in the sport, despite her untimely passing in 2016. James, reflecting on their days in the rebellious D-Generation X faction, vividly described their grueling gym sessions, often attended in the aftermath of the previous night's excesses.

He painted a picture of resilience and camaraderie, recalling, "I'd be nursing a hangover, just waiting for Billy to finish his workout so we could grab a bite. Watching them power through squats, then rush to a trash can to get sick, only to strap their knees back up and go at it again was just bewildering." The former D-Generation X member also expressed a deep sense of loss and admiration for Chyna, highlighting her unique blend of humor and humility that made her "one of the boys." "She was an incredible human being, truly one of a kind, and her absence is felt deeply," James shared, emphasizing the void left by her passing.

Chyna's Unexpected Romance

James also touched upon Chyna's personal life, specifically her relationship with Triple H, revealing his initial surprise upon discovering their partnership. "It was unexpected because I never saw her in that light.

She was always just one of the gang. But learning about their relationship didn't change anything for us. It was business as usual," he remarked. These candid recollections from Road Dogg offer a rare glimpse into the personal dynamics of one of wrestling's most storied factions and celebrate the enduring legacy of Chyna, whose groundbreaking career continues to inspire fans and wrestlers alike.

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