Zelina Vega Shares Intimate Lock-Screen


Zelina Vega Shares Intimate Lock-Screen
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WWE's SmackDown sensation, Zelina Vega, recently gave her fans a glimpse into her personal life by sharing her lock-screen wallpaper, which features a warm and intimate moment with her husband, Malakai Black, who is a prominent figure in AEW.

The couple, known for their openness about their relationship, continues to delight their followers with insights into their life together, both on and off the screen. In the wrestling world, Vega is currently embroiled in a storyline conflict with Santos Escobar, a former ally within the Latino World Order (LWO), which reached a peak when Vega confronted and slapped Escobar on a recent SmackDown episode.

This storyline adds to the drama and excitement of Vega's professional career, showcasing her versatility and charisma as a performer. The intensity of this feud highlights the dynamic nature of wrestling storylines, drawing fans into the evolving narrative.

Vega's ability to engage with her character's storyline demonstrates her skill in blending athleticism with compelling storytelling, further solidifying her status in the wrestling community.

Vega and Black: Building Together

Off the squared circle, Vega's shared moments with her spouse, Malakai Black, a key member of AEW's House of Black, resonate with fans for their authenticity and warmth.

The couple's shared commitment to their relationship and personal projects, including the construction of their dream home over the past three years, reflects their dedication not just to their careers but to building a life together.

In an interview with Gorilla Position, Vega expressed her enthusiasm for potentially collaborating with Black in the wrestling arena. She highlighted the joy and fulfillment she finds in spending time with him, both in their personal and professional lives.

The couple's journey, from laying the foundations of their dream home to sharing tender moments that make it to Vega's lock-screen wallpaper, paints a picture of partnership and mutual support. As Vega continues to captivate audiences on WWE SmackDown and navigates her storyline feuds, her off-screen life with Malakai Black offers a heartwarming counterbalance, reminding fans of the real-life bonds that exist behind the personas they cheer for in the ring.

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