CM Punk Inks New WWE Fig Deal with Special Accessory


CM Punk Inks New WWE Fig Deal with Special Accessory
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Wrestling sensation CM Punk has once again taken the merchandise world by storm, following his electrifying return to WWE. This time, he's venturing beyond the ring to launch an exclusive action figure collection in collaboration with Zombie Sailor's Heels and Faces.

The announcement, made through an engaging video starring Punk and his beloved canine companion, Larry, has generated considerable buzz in the wrestling and collectibles communities. In a move that's being hailed as a groundbreaking moment in wrestling merchandise history, this new line of CM Punk action figures promises to deliver unparalleled authenticity and craftsmanship.

Each figure is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that collectors receive a piece that's as unique as it is detailed. From Punk's iconic tattoos to the precise recreation of his ring attire, no aspect has been overlooked. Adding to the uniqueness, every pre-order of the action figure will come with an exclusive mini-figure of Larry, Punk's dog, marking a delightful twist in wrestling collectibles.

Rudat's Design Mastery

The genius behind these collectible masterpieces is none other than Ron Rudat, a legendary figure in the toy industry, best known for his pivotal role in creating the original G.I. Joe figures for Hasbro.

This collaboration signals a fusion of wrestling and toy design excellence, promising to deliver a product that stands out in the market. Adding a personal touch to the announcement, AJ Lee, Punk's wife and a former WWE star in her own right, shared her excitement on social media.

She expressed her amazement and pride in seeing Larry, a rescue dog, immortalized as an action figure. Her playful remark about Larry's natural charisma in front of the camera underscores the light-hearted spirit of this venture.

The story of Larry gaining fame after being spotted in Punk's locker room during a backstage altercation at All Out in 2022 adds an intriguing layer to this release. It's not just an action figure; it's a piece of wrestling history, encapsulating a moment that captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

As this limited edition CM Punk action figure set prepares to hit the market, anticipation is high. This collaboration between Punk, Zombie Sailor's Heels and Faces, and Ron Rudat is set to redefine the standards of wrestling collectibles, offering fans a unique opportunity to own a piece of wrestling lore, complete with a tribute to Punk's four-legged friend.

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