Liv Morgan Backs Herself to Beat Ex-Champ: Confident Victory Ahead


Liv Morgan Backs Herself to Beat Ex-Champ: Confident Victory Ahead
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In a bold declaration on social media, Liv Morgan has confidently stated her intentions ahead of a crucial encounter with Zoey Stark on the upcoming episode of Monday Night RAW. The stakes couldn't be higher, as the victor of this match will secure a spot in the 2024 Women's Elimination Chamber match, inching closer to becoming the top contender for the coveted Women's World Championship, currently held by Rhea Ripley.

Morgan, no stranger to high-pressure situations, is unwavering in her belief that she will overcome Stark, a formidable former NXT Women's Tag Team Champion. Her tweet, filled with determination, reads, "As this being the honorary first stop on the Liv Morgan revenge tour, I’m gonna go with me." This sentiment underlines Morgan's focus and resolve as she eyes the ultimate prize at WrestleMania XL.

Morgan's ELIVination Focus

Further amplifying her readiness for the challenges ahead, Morgan shared her thoughts on the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event set to take place in Perth, Australia. Creatively dubbing the event "ELIVination Chamber," she expressed a renewed sense of purpose and preparedness on WWE's The Bump, stating, "I feel ready.

I feel more ready than I ever have in my entire life. This comeback is personal to me. So, I'm excited to get to doing what I love. I'm excited to see what kind of form I am in because I am feeling very brand new." Morgan's journey is particularly poignant given her past alliance with Rhea Ripley, which ended tumultuously when Ripley aligned with The Judgment Day and launched a brutal attack on Morgan on an episode of RAW last year.

This incident not only sidelined Morgan for several months but also fueled her desire for redemption. Having tasted championship glory once as the SmackDown Women's Champion, Morgan is now laser-focused on capturing the Women's World Championship at WrestleMania XL.

This ambition marks a significant milestone in her career, potentially elevating her legacy within the WWE universe. As the wrestling community awaits this epic showdown, Morgan's unwavering confidence and readiness signal a thrilling path to WrestleMania XL.

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