Carmelo Hayes Attacks Joe Gacy Post WWE NXT!


Carmelo Hayes Attacks Joe Gacy Post WWE NXT!

In a dramatic turn of events following this week's installment of "WWE NXT," Carmelo Hayes solidified his status as a despised heel figure by launching a vicious attack on Joe Gacy after the show concluded. The climax of the evening unfolded during the main event, where Gacy cunningly interjected himself by utilizing a boxing glove to strike Dijak, who was engaged in a heated confrontation with Ilja Dragunov.

Emerging from beneath the ring, Gacy's surprise assault with the novelty prop momentarily distracted Dragunov, ultimately influencing the outcome in Dragunov's favor. However, seizing the opportunity, former "NXT" Champion Carmelo Hayes, who recently embraced his villainous persona at Vengeance Day, stormed the scene and unleashed a relentless assault on the reigning "NXT" Champion as the broadcast drew to a close.

Following the televised conclusion, Gacy, reveling in his underhanded tactics, found himself hurled into the barricades by the incensed Hayes. This escalated the animosity among fans toward Hayes, who had already betrayed his former tag team partner, Trick Williams, at Vengeance Day, prompting warnings from the audience of impending retribution from Williams.

Hayes Reveals Motive

During this week's episode of "NXT," Hayes provided insight into his betrayal of Williams, attributing it to Williams' violation of their prior agreement. Hayes clarified that while he was set to challenge for the "NXT" Championship, Williams had deviated from their arrangement by seeking a shot at the North American title.

Additionally, Hayes expressed disdain for Williams' emulation of his mannerisms and vowed further reprisal should Williams ever return. Meanwhile, tensions continue to simmer backstage as an enraged Dijak, visibly perturbed by Gacy's interference, vowed to administer punishment in response to the betrayal.

As the fallout from this intense confrontation reverberates throughout the "NXT" landscape, fans are left eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this gripping saga of betrayal, revenge, and championship aspirations.

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