LA Knight Eyes More WWE Titles Before Facing Roman Reigns


LA Knight Eyes More WWE Titles Before Facing Roman Reigns
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In the dynamic world of WWE, LA Knight is swiftly emerging as a fan favorite, carrying a wave of popularity into 2023. Despite his rising star, Knight's ambitions for championship glory remain unachieved. He's openly considering the pursuit of titles he's yet to chase, as part of a grand strategy he envisions.

In a revealing chat on the In The Kliq podcast with Baby Huey, the WWE's shining Megastar expressed his aspirations for the pinnacle of success. Knight emphasized his intent to not just participate but to dominate by becoming the champion, the ultimate icon in WWE.

He pinpointed the position held by the formidable Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, as the benchmark for success, highlighting Reigns as the current top figure in the company.

Knight's Ambition: Reigns' Throne

Knight stated, “Entering this arena, my goal was never to blend into the background.

My ambition is to be the front-runner, the champion, 'THE guy.' At this juncture, Roman Reigns embodies that role. Some might argue Seth Rollins is in contention, but Reigns' remarkable streak is what I'm eyeing. I aim to claim that spot for myself”.

Moreover, Knight is not dismissing the idea of targeting other WWE titles as a means to escalate his status. He views championships like the US Championship or the Intercontinental Championship not just as accolades, but as crucial milestones on his journey to the zenith.

“Embarking on this path, my declaration was clear – I'm here for the gold, and no obstacle can deter me. Whether it means capturing the US Title or the Intercontinental Championship along the way, I'm all in. My eyes are set on the ultimate prize,” Knight affirmed.

Knight's impressive performance against Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel 2023, where he came close to clinching the Undisputed WWE Universal title, has only bolstered his following. With the YEAH! movement gaining momentum, the anticipation is building around whether Knight will secure a title opportunity at the upcoming, possibly monumental, WrestleMania 40.

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