Elon Musk's X Teams Up with WWE for Weekly Video Series


Elon Musk's X Teams Up with WWE for Weekly Video Series
© Wrestle Talk/Twitter

In a bold move to diversify its content offerings, Elon Musk's social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, is joining forces with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to introduce a groundbreaking weekly series. This collaboration marks a significant step in X's journey towards becoming a hub for premium video content.

Slated to kick off this spring, the series, titled "WWE Speed," promises to bring the electrifying world of wrestling directly to the screens of X users. Designed to captivate audiences with high-octane wrestling bouts, each episode will compress the thrill of the ring into digestible five-minute segments.

Moreover, the series will be graced by appearances from iconic figures in the wrestling world, including the legendary Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Over a span of two years, fans can look forward to a total of 52 episodes, ensuring a steady stream of action-packed entertainment.

This strategic partnership with WWE underscores X's vigorous push into the realm of video content under the ownership of Elon Musk, who acquired the platform in late 2022. X has been on a relentless pursuit to enrich its video content library, as evidenced by earlier announcements this year.

The platform revealed an exciting lineup of video projects featuring prominent personalities such as former CNN anchor Don Lemon, renowned sports radio voice Jim Rome, and ex-US Representative Tulsi Gabbard. Last year, X also embarked on a collaboration with Paris Hilton, focusing on original content spanning fashion, beauty, and travel.

X Amplifies Sports Buzz"

The unveiling of the WWE series arrives just in time for the Super Bowl, a pinnacle event in the advertising calendar, highlighting X's commitment to leveraging sports as a magnet for user engagement.

Historically, sports events like the Olympics and the World Cup have ignited widespread interaction on the platform, with WWE content already proving to be a fan favorite. In 2023 alone, the wrestling league generated an astounding 142 million posts from enthusiasts.

While X has chosen to keep the financial specifics of the WWE deal under wraps, the initiative is part of a broader strategy to rejuvenate the platform's advertising revenue stream. Following a tumultuous period post-Musk's takeover, X aims to revitalize its financial health.

Despite aiming for a $3 billion revenue target last year, the platform witnessed a downturn in ad sales, which capped at approximately $2.5 billion. Through high-quality video content like the WWE series, X is poised to redefine its appeal to advertisers and audiences alike, setting a new course for its future growth.