Bobby Lashley Discusses WWE Collaboration with Street Profits


Bobby Lashley Discusses WWE Collaboration with Street Profits
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In an engaging conversation on "WWE's The Bump," Bobby Lashley shared his enthusiasm about teaming up with The Street Profits, Montez Ford, and Angelo Dawkins, since their collaboration began in July. Despite the varying degrees of success the alliance has experienced, Lashley remains optimistic about the potential of the dynamic tag team.

"The sky is the limit for what those guys are capable of," Lashley remarked, highlighting his role in leveraging his established career to elevate emerging talent within WWE. He also hinted at the promising addition of B-Fab to the mix, anticipating the exciting dynamics she could bring to the team.

Originally cast as villains in the storyline with their group, The Prestige, WWE fans were quick to express their disapproval. However, the undeniable chemistry and the sheer joy the group exhibits in the ring quickly won over the audience, transforming them into fan favorites.

Lashley credits the group's success to their genuine enjoyment and camaraderie during matches, which has resonated well with the WWE Universe.

Lashley's Joyful Shift

Lashley, known for his more serious "All-Mighty" persona and leadership of The Hurt Business, finds this lighter, more enjoyable phase of his career refreshing.

"Working with Montez and Dawkins, who are incredibly funny, brings a whole new level of fun to the ring. The fans can see that, and it's been fantastic to hear them chanting our names," Lashley expressed, emphasizing the shift from his previously stern roles to this more relaxed and enjoyable collaboration.

As the WWE Universe continues to embrace Lashley and The Street Profits' alliance, it's evident that their unique mix of athleticism, humor, and mutual respect is resonating powerfully with fans. Lashley's mentorship, combined with the group's infectious energy, has not only provided high entertainment value but also holds the potential to significantly enrich the wrestling narrative for both fans and fellow wrestlers.

The positive reception from the audience, evidenced by their enthusiastic cheers and support, underscores the impact of this collaboration.

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