WWE Vet Eyes Rock's Role in Reigns' Saga


WWE Vet Eyes Rock's Role in Reigns' Saga
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WWE legend Dutch Mantell has come forward with an interesting take on the unexpected alliance between The Rock and Roman Reigns, on the road to WrestleMania 40. Rock's grand entry was at the event press conference, where he supported Reigns, confronting Cody Rhodes and giving a resounding slap to "The American Nightmare." His drama did his entry no end of harm: he courageously gave a challenge to Triple H, and making a head-turning exit with The Bloodline, left the stadium in style.

Speaking on the most recent episode of Smack Talk on Sportskeeda Wrestling, Mantell couldn't keep his cool in regard to how The Rock will be incorporated into the ongoing story being told. "But this storyline has taken an interesting turn with the unexpected infusing more drama into the saga.

The Rock and Roman Reigns are family, and it's the family that binds them together in storytelling possibilities. Mantell noted, "The doors are wide open for the myriad of directions this storyline could take.

Cody's WrestleMania Spotlight

Mantell also appreciated WWE's decision to focus on Cody Rhodes in a headline match against Roman Reigns in their WrestleMania 40.

"Cody's return to the main event is a welcome surprise, and his victory at the Royal Rumble was a decision that caught many off guard. It's a bold move that adds an extra layer of excitement to the event," he added. Expectation is also sky-high for next week's WWE SmackDown, with confirmation of both The Rock and Roman Reigns set to appear.

This was after the heated confrontation between Paul Heyman and Triple H, where Heyman announced the slated return of his Tribal Chief with The Rock by his side. Reigns had previously chosen The Rock as his WrestleManMania 40 opponent.

However, the press conference has changed the dynamic to Cody Rhodes as the opponent for Reigns. It is a very interesting twist to the story and builds up suspense and the coming climactic battle at WrestleMania 40.