Alexa Bliss on Traveling to Saudi Arabia

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Alexa Bliss on Traveling to Saudi Arabia

Alexa Bliss was with TV Insider and she spoke about her trip to Saudi Arabia with Scott Fisherman of TV Insider. She travelled to Saudi Arabia for the WWE Super ShowDown event. She stated that it was different from her trip to Abu Dhabi in December 2017.

Many people believed that Bliss vs. Natalya will take place at the WWE Super ShowDown event. The WWE didn’t get the approval to hold the wrestling match at WWE Super ShowDown, so we couldn’t see it. Even though the wrestlers didn’t perform at the event, they visited a children hospital and went out to do some shopping while wearing local clothes.

Bliss stated that one day we might see a women’s match being held at Saudi Arabia. "I didn't really know what to expect in Saudi Arabia," Bliss said. "I knew it wasn't going to be like Abu Dhabi.

It's very interesting to see how everything is over there. We had fun. When Nattie and I got to interact with kids in the hospital, they knew who we were. They know the product. The show itself was awesome. It was actually a really good experience”.

"Every woman Natalya and I spoke to were super welcoming and asking us how we liked Jeddah. They said whatever they could do to make our stay better to let them know. Women there were just so excited to meet us”.