Ahmed Johnson Admits to Stiffing Ex-WWE Champ


Ahmed Johnson Admits to Stiffing Ex-WWE Champ
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In a candid revelation on The Unsanctioned Podcast, former WWE star Ahmed Johnson shed light on a contentious moment with fellow wrestler Goldust, highlighting the unexpected turn of events that led to a physical altercation during a live television segment.

Johnson, known for his imposing presence in the ring, took the opportunity to clarify the incident, emphasizing his respect for Goldust's in-ring prowess while detailing the circumstances that precipitated the real-life confrontation.

The incident in question arose during a segment intended to feature Goldust delivering a simulated kiss to Johnson. However, the execution deviated significantly from the rehearsed plan, leading to an unscripted moment that caught Johnson off-guard.

"We had rehearsed it to where he was supposed to put his hand over my mouth and kiss his hand," Johnson recounted, expressing his discomfort with the unplanned deviation. The live nature of the segment left Johnson with little recourse, resulting in a genuine reaction to Goldust's unexpected move.

"Because it was live TV, I couldn’t move if he did whatever he did that he said he would. And he didn’t do it. He kissed me for real," Johnson explained, marking the moment as the catalyst for his immediate and visceral response.

Further delving into his tenure with WWE, Johnson opened up about the racial tensions that marred his experience, particularly citing incidents involving Shawn Michaels and other prominent figures within the company. A particularly disturbing proposition during the feud between DX, the Hart Foundation, and the Nation of Domination involved a mock lynching of Johnson, a concept he adamantly refused to participate in.

According to Johnson, such racially charged scenarios, coupled with underlying tensions, significantly influenced his decision to part ways with WWE.

Behind the Spectacle

Johnson's reflections offer a poignant glimpse into the challenges he faced within the wrestling industry, underscored by moments of on-screen drama and off-screen discord.

His account serves as a reminder of the complexities and pressures that often lurk behind the spectacle of professional wrestling, shedding light on the personal and professional hurdles encountered by those in the spotlight.