WWE Buzz: Jade Cargill's Super Bowl Splash


WWE Buzz: Jade Cargill's Super Bowl Splash
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Since joining WWE in September 2023, Cargill quickly established her footprint in the company and soon gained status as one of the emerging new stars to watch on WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, and WWE NXT. She then has no shortage of star power, as evidenced in the 2024 Women's Royal Rumble match, when she captured a respectable third-place finish.

Outside of the ring, Cargill's star has transcended to mainstream media and most recently, she was part of a Mountain Dew commercial during the Super Bowl in which she performed a splendid frog splash over actress Aubrey Plaza.

And such a surge in popularity and visibility doesn't escape the eyes of the WWE high-ups. Reports of the same from PWInsider detail that it's a concerted effort to showcase Cargill in a major spot on "SmackDown" during the road to WrestleMania 40 at Philadelphia.

While her status with "SmackDown" after WrestleMania is still unknown, the idea at play is transparent: leverage Cargill's mounting star power to bring on more viewers.

Cargill's Impactful Transition

According to insiders, Cargill's seamless transition from AEW to WWE coupled with the recent commercial splash she made only served to increase the light the company shines on the professional wrestling scene.

Cargill is highly regarded in terms of her athletic ability and charisma for the commercial, so she might turn out to be a pivotal draw for the brand. Looking ahead towards WrestleMania 40, Cargill's choices for rivals would be many and attractive.

That indeed has the fans waiting for a showdown with Bianca Belair after the first electric face-off at the Royal Rumble. From her emergence in AEW, a match with Bianca Belair has always been an AEW "dream match. Also, the Royal Rumble exchanges between Cargill and Nia Jax, Naomi, and Liv Morgan presented some very exciting storylines.

Her elimination by Morgan especially is something that could be elaborated for a thrilling rivalry as Cargill hints towards some focused preparation for their next encounter. As WWE continues to lay down its path towards WrestleMania, the meteoric rise of Jade Cargill's mainstream appeal positions her front and center in the drama and excitement that will unfold on the way to WWE's grandest stage.

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