Prichard on McMahon Lawsuit: "Can't Discuss, Legal Matter


Prichard on McMahon Lawsuit: "Can't Discuss, Legal Matter
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WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard recently detailed his unwillingness to delve into a court case filed against Vince McMahon by a former WWE employee Janel Grant. This legal battle comes only weeks after McMahon stepped down from both TKO and WWE following serious charges from Grant with regards to misconduct as well as trafficking at the company that included not only McMahon but a popular former UFC Heavyweight Champion as well.

These allegations have cast a shadow over WWE, with the likes of Cody Rhodes having expressed the sentiment that the development is like a "dark cloud" at a press conference for Royal Rumble. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins hoped that justice be served if the claims prove to be substantiated.

Prichard's Legal Silence

Prichard, a longtime McMahon confidant, spoke to the matter on his "Something to Wrestle With" podcast, categorically saying he wouldn't go further than that because "there are legal implications.

"I am not at liberty to discuss any legal matters of the company whatsoever," Prichard avowed, pointing out that he was not involved in the lawsuit at all. He further indicated that it's not his official business to keep him silent, but rather a decision by himself that he doesn't want to discuss the on-going legal battle against his former mentor and the organization.

Prichard also dealt with the main argument of these kinds of accusations being polarized, as some people have said they are known to take sides. He urged leaving the determination up to the legal system, arguing that belief or unbelief of such cases often comes down to individual inclinations.

Ironically, Prichard himself was brought up by Ronda Rousey to do with the Vince McMahon controversy, and the drama unfolding took on a new twist. The WWE community and its adherents are left watching this legal tussle from the sidelines while key players like Prichard maintain a guarded distance from the discussion.

Such considerate logic points out to the fine equilibriums between loyalties, legal boundaries, and in the search for truths, which animate the high-stakes theatre of professional wrestling.