Advocacy for Dustin Rhodes' Role in Cody's WWE Plot


Advocacy for Dustin Rhodes' Role in Cody's WWE Plot
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Cody Rhodes had now been capturing the WWE audience, becoming the people's champion with his story and strong will. And amid all of this high drama, Eric Bischoff presented one of the more intriguing pitches to Tony Khan: That Dustin Rhodes can be woven into the epic saga of Cody Rhodes in WWE as it would unfold.

The wrestling community was abuzz when Cody Rhodes clinched the Royal Rumble victory for a consecutive year. So much speculation started to swirl this week, as it looked like Rhodes was making room for The Rock at WrestleMania and suddenly made a sharp turn, calling out Roman Reigns for WrestleMania 40.

Rhodes Legacy Showdown

Dustin Rhodes, who switched from WWE to AEW in 2019, will now look on from the sidelines as his brother Cody will compete against Roman Reigns in a narrative that is about the Rhodes family, with all of its history tied to professional wrestling.

WWE Hall of Famer Bischoff gave his take on how he feels about Dustin's role in Cody's WWE journey when he made an appearance on a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast. He begged for such kindness towards Dustin, elaborating, in fact, on how much this part has been crucial in Dustin's life, albeit from the side of a mere observer.

Bischoff also made the argument that Khan and the company need to put in a scenario where Dustin is part of that story to continue to share in the storyline of Cody's career, regardless of how small his spot is. With the road to WrestleMania 40 rolling out, still, the wrestling world is still hanging at the edge, as the line-up of the main event is still tentative.

The possibility of a momentary return for Dustin Rhodes in WWE also adds an interesting point for the narrative, albeit a bit vague if ever it will come to materialize. The inclusion of Dustin Rhodes into this dynamic and ever-evolving story could lend a rich layer to a tale of familial legacy and emotional depth that fans could relate to, culminating in enriching Rhodes' story within the WWE universe.

As we close in on WrestleMania 40, the world will be watching Cody Rhodes and the possible involvement of his brother Dustin in what looks to become a spectacle in wrestling for the ages.

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