Booker T Impressed by Becky Lynch's Talent in WWE NXT


Booker T Impressed by Becky Lynch's Talent in WWE NXT

WWE superstar Becky Lynch has long been a luminary in the promotion's women's division, boasting an impressive resume that includes multiple championship victories and a historic headline at WrestleMania's first-ever women's main event.

However, it was her recent tenure in WWE NXT, marked by her NXT Women's Championship win and collaborations with talents like Tiffany Stratton and Lyra Valkyria, that caught the eye of wrestling legend Booker T. Serving as a coach and scrutinizing the matches with a professional eye, Booker T expressed his admiration for Lynch's prowess in the ring during his appearance on the "Hall Of Fame" podcast.

"Observing her performance closely, I was struck by her exceptional skill. It's a stark contrast to her off-ring persona, akin to the transformation between Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. It's astounding," he remarked. According to Booker T, Lynch's unassuming appearance belies her formidable in-ring capabilities.

As Lynch vies for a spot at WWE's WrestleMania 40, aiming to challenge Rhea Ripley, her path hinges on triumphing in the forthcoming Elimination Chamber match. The anticipation for this potential showdown was heightened during a recent WrestleMania press conference, where Lynch and Ripley engaged in a verbal sparring match, setting the stage for a highly anticipated clash.

Booker T Lauds Lynch

Booker T didn't hold back in his praise for both competitors. "Becky Lynch is in a league of her own. And while Ripley is undeniably a rising star with a bright future ahead, she has yet to reach her zenith.

Lynch, on the other hand, is a seasoned veteran, a 'ring general' capable of delivering top-tier performances. Her contributions over the past year have been nothing short of remarkable," he stated. Lynch's journey in WWE NXT not only solidified her status as a top-tier athlete but also showcased her ability to elevate the women's division to new heights, captivating audiences and peers alike with her unmatched skill and charisma in the squared circle.

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