Mustafa Ali Clinches Inaugural Championship Following Departure from WWE

Ali's Journey Yields Gold in Independent Wrestling Scene

by Noman Rasool
Mustafa Ali Clinches Inaugural Championship Following Departure from WWE
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Former WWE sensation, Mustafa Ali, has been inspired to a new chapter of his pro-wrestling career by clinching his first championship title following his departure from WWE last year. September has barely come, and Ali has broken the news with his announcement of his departure from WWE to begin what he calls an "ambitious journey to redefine his career." And he succeeded in the wrestling ring, after persistent, overcoming everything in his path.

Continuing with the World Tour global campaign beyond WWE, Ali has been showcasing his remarkable wrestling talent on several international stages. It is known that he has journeyed from the buzzing pavements of Europe to the highly competitive stadiums of the United States and always lived up to his pledge of delivering the best.

Ali is a champion of the independents—somebody who was known to pretty much every corner of the world in terms of in-ring skill and being able to connect with fans universally.

Ali's Dreamwave Triumph

His hard work paid off at one of the Dreamwave Pro Wrestling shows when he won the Dreamwave Alternative Championship from Matt Dewar.

It was his first title since leaving WWE, which is one of the different signs proving that he has a lot to show. Another feather in the cap for Mustafa Ali was making his debut in Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, where he was already going in a great direction after his WWE career.

Ali will go one-on-one with Chris Sabin in what promises to be a hotly contested match for the X-Division Championship at No Surrender. This opportunity not only propels Ali into the wrestling limelight but it propels the artist into expanding his championship accolades as well.

As Mustafa Ali is getting ready for the next chapter of his career after WWE, through this much-deserved distinction and an upcoming award too, his most recent accolades and those to come paint a picture of a wrestler who is not only finding his footing but truly making a name for himself in the realm of professional wrestling.

He is now set with all eyes on him, as fans and enthusiasts, both, would like to find out if this is the next break-out of an unheard-of talent, and if he will start to collect more titles.

Mustafa Ali