Adam Pearce Targets Nick Aldis Post-SmackDown


Adam Pearce Targets Nick Aldis Post-SmackDown
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In its series of recent happenings in WWE, Adam Pearce, the current General Manager of RAW, teased his playful return at his SmackDown counterpart, Nick Aldis, through some social media interactions. All this banter starts to emerge just after their rivalry gained serious momentum, especially after it was announced last October that Aldis was appointed the new SmackDown General Manager by Triple H.

Ever since he took on the role, Aldis has shown his tenacity and leadership, one of the important occasions where he stood up against the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, possibly being a sign that he would make a strong leader on SmackDown.

It was the least that the rivals could afford to let it be on a lighter note than the fury that their battle has evoked until now. It was not very long ago when former NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre had taken to Instagram to reveal their pursuit of an audience with Aldis.

The two were seen to be knocking on Aldis' office door during an episode of SmDown. Their post, which was light-hearted in nature, mentioned their simple desire to have a conversation. Which gave Pearce a reason to answer, in the comments, with a quip of his own: He said he would be, and he'd answer his door if they knocked on his

Russo's Creative Twist.

And in another added layer to the story, wrestling veteran Vince Russo had a nice idea set up on his podcast, The Wrestling Outlaws.

Russo later suggested Jinder Mahal as a possible new General Manager of the RAW brand, in the somewhat bizarre tangle that is the management dynamics of the WWE. He commented that it would provide a dichotomy between having Aldis as a 'babyface' authority figure on SmackDown and likely aligning Mahal as a 'heel' authority figure on RAW.

He told that his vision for the big storyline would be of one that is complex, yet could add a lot of drama and intrigue on RAW and set the table for some interesting television. Both Pearce and Aldis are expecting to be quite busy running their brands as WWE rolls towards WrestleMania 40.

And then fans are left at the edge of their seats, waiting for that exact moment when the paths finally collided, right before the one wrestling event that all have been waiting for. With the stage set for high drama and intrigue in this mega event.

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