Scott D'Amore: The Heart and Soul of TNA, According to Tommy Dreamer

TNA Wrestling faces major changes with D'Amore's departure.

by Noman Rasool
Scott D'Amore: The Heart and Soul of TNA, According to Tommy Dreamer
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In a significant shake-up within TNA Wrestling, Scott D'Amore, the company's erstwhile president, was recently ousted by Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the parent entity overseeing TNA operations. This development has sent ripples through the wrestling community, with numerous wrestlers and personnel voicing their respect and admiration for D'Amore's contributions to the organization.

In the wake of this corporate maneuver, TNA stalwart and seasoned producer Tommy Dreamer shared his insights on "Busted Open Radio," reflecting on the profound impact D'Amore's departure has had on the TNA family. Dreamer, a fixture in the wrestling world known for his tenure in ECW, recounted the whirlwind of activity on the day of D'Amore's dismissal.

Engulfed in a flurry of communication, Dreamer navigated through a marathon of emails, Zoom meetings, and heartfelt conversations with the TNA roster, a testament to the tight-knit community D'Amore helped foster. "The news hit us hard.

Scott wasn't just our president; he was the linchpin that held us together, the very heart and soul of TNA," Dreamer expressed, highlighting the emotional toll the news has taken on everyone involved.

Anthem Shifts Strategy

Anthem's decision to part ways with D'Amore was attributed to the company's desire for a more direct involvement in TNA's direction.

The reins of leadership have since been passed to Anthony Cicione, the newly appointed President of TNA under the Anthem Entertainment Group banner. D'Amore's vision for TNA included ambitious plans such as bolstering the promotion's budget and courting WWE sensation Braun Strowman to be the new face of TNA.

However, Anthem remained skeptical about Strowman's potential to significantly influence TNA's market presence, leading to a divergence in strategic visions that ultimately saw Strowman making his way back to WWE instead.

As the TNA community navigates through this transition, the legacy of Scott D'Amore's leadership and his unwavering commitment to the promotion's growth and the welfare of its talent will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the organization's history.

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