Homicide on Being Shot During Drive-By

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Homicide on Being Shot During Drive-By

Homicide is an Impact Wrestling talent and he states that he had a very tough childhood in Brooklyn, New York. He often hung out with the wrong types of people and got shot once in his life in his leg. He spoke about the transition to professional wrestling on the WINCLY podcast.

He stated that he loved pro wrestling and that he used to watch wrestling since he was 5 years old. The first match that he saw was the British Bulldogs vs. The Hart Foundation. According to him, it was an amazing match. He stated that he never watched NWA, WCCW or AWA.

He also shared how he got shot and why he didn’t go to the police. "It was my third match and I was in love with pro wrestling. It was an accident drive-by shooting and I got shot in the leg. I told my friends that I can't go to the police because they know my record and history," said Homicide.

"My friend said, 'Don't worry. We're gonna go to the show and I got you covered.' "Basically, he duct-taped my leg because I got shot in my calf. I noticed people during my match laughing. I looked down my leg and there was a string of cotton.

When I took it out, it was a tampon! Homicide is still an active wrestler and has left the past behind him. The story is quite scary though.