WWE Announces Launch Date for Boulevard City Attraction in Saudi Arabia

WWE expands its global footprint with Riyadh attraction.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Announces Launch Date for Boulevard City Attraction in Saudi Arabia
© WWE/YouTube

WWE is granting the fan experience in Saudi Arabia an elevation like never before with a permanent fan zone taking place at Boulevard City in Riyadh. The deal further strengthens the long-term strategic partnership between WWE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has developed over the course of more than a decade.

The date for the opening of the very first WWE Experience in Riyadh was announced through its official X account. The launch is widely expected and is to be connected in with Riyadh Season events in order to provide a much more comprehensive and fulfilling experience for wrestling enthusiasts.

Undertaker Tours Boulevard

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker, also known as The Deadman, toured some of the attractions within the zone, offering fans a special preview of what is to come. The wrestling legend best known as The Deadman went on to take a tour of some of the zone's features, talking about WWE's excitement over its latest venture in Saudi Arabia.

The City Experience Zone in Boulevard, for sure, is among the headliners when it comes to the key attractions and is to offer fans an intimate look of the world of WWE like never before. It will consist of interactive attractions, immersive exhibits, and live performance elements themed to capture WWE's energy.

With the countdown to the grand opening on, fans and spectators of the world of WWE in Riyadh await those tickets to the shows. Apart from the showcasing of engagement with the fans, WWE looks at this activity as their statement towards the importance of their global fan base, as well as looking at showcasing the fact that Saudi Arabia is increasingly playing a hub for the entertainment world.

All is set for February 16, when huge crowds are expected to throng the WWE Experience in the Boulevard City as a new chapter will be added to the blossoming tie between WWE and Saudi Arabia. As the launch approaches, Riyadh will be eyes to watch for the unique blending of culture, entertainment, and sport in this one-stop-shop fan experience zone.