Matt Riddle Says Vince McMahon Initially Disliked Him

Exploring the complex dynamics of WWE's backstage culture.

by Noman Rasool
Matt Riddle Says Vince McMahon Initially Disliked Him
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In the fast-changing world of professional wrestling, the recollections of one former WWE star, Matt Riddle, of his relationship with ex-WWE top dog Vince McMahon seem to shed some very unique light on the involved dynamics of the industry.

The latest resignation by McMahon, a longtime figure in the wrestling world, amid serious allegations of abuse, prompted review from many. In an interview carried out during "Saturday Night's Main Event," Riddle's candidness broke out about his relationship with McMahon.

The personality of Riddle, generally not adhering to any norms, didn't go down well with McMahon who was at first weirded out by Riddle's attitude and outlook. "He thought I was goofy," Riddle disclosed, recounting their first encounter.

McMahon clearly wasn't a fan of Riddle's rather laid-back approach and stated, "There's nothing cool about being a goof." But Riddle, confident as he is, spoke what he had to say, that he would be what he had to be, and he lit up the squared circle, something McMahon couldn't just leave unnoticed.

The timely intervention of Bruce Prichard on the high acumen of wrestling from Riddle only bridged the gap further between the athlete and the wrestling magnate.

Riddle's WWE Ascendancy

Despite the cold start, Riddle's time in WWE has seen him carve a niche for himself, more especially with his involvement in RKBro tag team alongside Randy Orton.

The two had success together, even winning the WWE Tag Team Championships, which was a great chance for Riddle to shine in front of millions of people. However, just like McMahon, Riddle's association with WWE ended abruptly because of a scandal that broke out and it got him fired.

An airport affair went wrong and that was the end of his story with WWE. Such exposes and departures of prominent characters like McMahon and Riddle attest to the complex yet so many times frenzied nature of professional wrestling.

Not only are these appealing stories to the fans, but they are also revealing many personal and professional difficulties in the life of those in the field.

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