Surprising Turn on Reigns? Bloodline Rift Post-SmackDown

WWE Universe witnesses a surprising alliance on SmackDown.

by Noman Rasool
Surprising Turn on Reigns? Bloodline Rift Post-SmackDown
© Roman Reigns/Twitter

The latest episode of WWE SmackDown took a revolutionary step as Roman Reigns and The Rock moved together, for the first time, to excite the WWE Universe. Billed as the "dominant duo" by The Rock himself, the pair expressed in one voice their disappointment that their titular disruption of what could have been an epic WrestleMania main event had clouded the clamor for Cody Rhodes to complete his narrative.

But, it has to be definitely a cause for a relationship war between The Bloodline. Especially, the response conveyed by Jimmy Uso towards The Rock's announcement was not denied. His temperament, marked with a special "heel" attitude, smelt bad omen, probably indicating a division within the faction itself.

With The Rock's strong statements, acting in a way that would be able to validate Uso and Sikoa's critical parts in The Bloodline's successes by Reigns could only make things worse. It was an oversight that became all the more apparent with the warm backstage embrace between Reigns and Uso upon The Tribal Chief's arrival, further solidifying Uso's loyalty post his betrayal at Night of Champions 2023.

Uso's Looming Betrayal

It's a redemption journey for Jimmy Uso, where the vice has to be quelled in the favor of loyalty towards The Tribal Chief. The struggling undertakings in winning back The Bloodline's confidence, showing that if Reigns and The Rock fail to appreciate his efforts, he might fall back to betrayal.

Another betrayal by Uso might be on the horizon to shatter the faction dynamics. The cake in the story of WWE was taken by the Bloodline, which consists of Reigns, Jimmy Ujson, Solo Sikoa, and Special Counsel Paul Heyman. Other members of the Samoan dynasty, such as Naomi and Nia Jax, did return to WWE; but its core stayed the same.

Speculation has been rife of Jey Uso's return or potential new additions like Lance Fatu or Jacob Fatu. But SmackDown threw in the latest episode a curveball with The Rock's induction into The Bloodline and the potential shifting in leadership dynamics between the faction and Reigns.

This is an opening for speculation regarding the future role of The Bloodline and whether internal rivalry is probable.