Scotty 2 Hotty on The Too Cool Idea

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Scotty 2 Hotty on The Too Cool Idea

Scotty 2 Hotty is a former WWE Superstar. He was part of 2 cool and he was a guest on Edge and Christian’s podcast. Scotty spoke about how he was hired by the WWE and how the Too Cool faction was born. "He and Pat Patterson came to a [Killer] Kowalski show to look at [Triple H] and while they were there, I was on the show also, and they saw me, which is pretty cool to hear, like, 30 years later, or 20 years later, whatever it is, that that's how it happened."

Scotty then spoke about how he got the Too Cool idea pitched to him. “I can remember Vince Russo coming up to me and Brian in the Nassau Coliseum, and said, 'we want you guys to go out and kind of be like the Hardys.

Whatever you guys think is cool, but you're not cool.' That was it. There was no hip hop. There was no dancing. It was just like, 'we thought we were cool. We're going to call you Too Cool, but you're really not cool.'

That was really the only direction we had." Scotty 2 Hotty wasn’t the best technical wrestler but he had a very cool finisher. It was called The Worm and he was known for his dancing. Too Cool used to dance after almost every victory and his finishing move incorporated some dance moves.