Booker T Hails WWE Star as 'Greek God' at First Sight

Exploring the mentorship dynamics within WWE's elite.

by Noman Rasool
Booker T Hails WWE Star as 'Greek God' at First Sight

In a captivating episode of "The Hall of Fame," WWE icon Booker T opened up about his initial encounters with Bobby Lashley, a figure who has left an indelible mark on the wrestling world since his 2005 WWE debut. With a career highlighted by world championship victories and a notable mentorship role with the Street Profits, Lashley's journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Amidst this conversation, Booker T shed light on Lashley's respect for him during his early days in WWE, a sentiment that deeply resonated with the Hall of Famer. Describing their first meeting, Booker T couldn't help but express his awe at Lashley's physical presence, likening him to a "Greek god." This moment marked the beginning of a complex relationship between the two, initially marred by a misunderstanding that led Booker T to question their future interactions.

Recalling their first conversation, Booker T shared how a comment from Lashley had taken him aback, causing a brief period of silence between them. However, the ice eventually thawed, and Booker T took it upon himself to mentor the burgeoning star.

He emphasized the importance of taking control of one's career and mastering the psychological aspects of wrestling. This guidance led Lashley to train at Booker T's wrestling school in Houston, Texas, a decision that catalyzed significant growth in his in-ring capabilities.

Rivalry to Respect

Their evolving relationship culminated in an onscreen rivalry in 2006, during which Lashley successfully defended the WWE United States Championship against Booker T. Their competitive spirit continued to flourish, with Booker T later defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Lashley, showcasing the profound impact of their mentor-mentee dynamic.

This narrative not only highlights the transformative journey of Bobby Lashley under the tutelage of Booker T but also underscores the significance of mentorship and personal development in the high-stakes world of WWE. As their story continues to inspire both fans and aspiring wrestlers, it remains a testament to the enduring legacy of professional wrestling's most influential figures.

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