Cody Rhodes Calls for Backup to Fortify 'Shield' Against The Bloodline

WWE drama escalates with Rhodes seeking crucial alliance.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes Calls for Backup to Fortify 'Shield' Against The Bloodline
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There, Cody Rhodes stands under great odds against the dominant faction of The Bloodline, which includes Roman Reigns, along with others like The Rock, Jimmy Uso, and Solo Sikoa, as well as Paul Heyman, in what is going to be a thrilling storyline that has had the WWE Universe on the very edge of their seats.

Coming to the last week's episode of WWE RAW, there was a major development in which Seth Rollins, also known as "The Visionary," came up to offer his alliance with Rhodes for the upcoming big bout at WrestleMania XL. Rollins being offered to become "Shield" for Rhodes against The Bloodline seems to have opened up an era of speculation and excitement among the fans.

But the idea many are coming to is that Rhodes needs more firepower to even the odds. The caption on Rhodes' social media read, "Cody needs more help, Roman and The Rock will have more than just themselves." Thus, that has generated quite a bit of speculation over who might this game changer for Rhodes in this battle for all that matters.

Cena Joins Forces

And here comes John Cena, a classic veteran of WWE, whose great career and historic past interactions with The Bloodline form him as the perfect comrade for Rhodes. Cena has a personal vested interest in this feud, which includes not just his direct rivalry with Reigns but also the fact that he has met The Rock across two consecutive WrestleManias and had highly memorable encounters with him.

His background with The Bloodline and endorsement of Rhodes at The Road to WrestleMania 39 has been a big get for Rhodes' side. The stakes couldn't be any higher, with the last year's interference by Solo Sikoa at the event still in fans' memories.

The Rock's recent vow to assure Rhodes' defeat only adds fuel to the fire. While Rhodes and Rollins present a formidable duo, the inclusion of Cena could tip the scales dramatically. The WWE Universe is definitely abuzz with the potential of a Cena, Rhodes, and Rollins combination.

It could be the battle of the ages—one that might actually change the landscape of the WWE. It's a tale of high-octane unfolding against the most grand of all stages—a testament to the continued appeal and drama that is professional wrestling.

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