Hornswoggle Critiques Ex-WWE Star's Wrestling Skills

Exploring the Dynamics Behind Khali's WWE Persona.

by Atia Mukhtar
Hornswoggle Critiques Ex-WWE Star's Wrestling Skills
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In a revealing episode of the "What Happened When?" podcast, hosted by AEW's Tony Schiavone alongside Conrad Thompson, former WWE sensation Hornswoggle shared intriguing insights into his in-ring experiences, particularly when facing off against the towering figure of The Great Khali.

Despite Hornswoggle's stature, he has consistently been recognized for his immense dedication and spirited performances within the squared circle. However, he candidly admitted that his indomitable spirit met its match in bouts with Khali, attributing it to the latter's wrestling limitations.

During the podcast, Hornswoggle, whose real name is Dylan Postl, delved into his interactions with Khali, acknowledging the giant's self-awareness regarding his in-ring capabilities. "Deep down, he knew he wasn't great," Hornswoggle remarked, pointing out that Khali's substantial earnings from wrestling seemed to compensate for any shortfall in skill, leaving the giant content with his career.

Khali's Language Bridge

The conversation also highlighted the linguistic barriers Khali faced, not being a native English speaker. This led to the involvement of Daivari as his on-screen manager and mouthpiece, while backstage, Khali relied heavily on Ranjin Singh, a persona of former WWE writer Dave Kapoor, for translation.

Hornswoggle shed light on Singh's transition from a behind-the-scenes translator to becoming Khali's on-screen manager in 2007, a role that significantly impacted WWE storylines at the time. Khali's journey with WWE concluded in 2014 following the expiration of his contract, though he has made occasional returns, most notably for his 2021 WWE Hall of Fame induction.

On the other hand, Singh, after Khali's departure, ascended the corporate ladder within WWE, ultimately reaching the position of Senior Vice-President of the WWE creative team in 2019. However, his tenure ended in early 2022 when he was released from the company.

This candid conversation on the podcast not only offers a glimpse into the challenges faced by international wrestlers in the WWE but also underscores the intricate dynamics and relationships that shape the world of professional wrestling.

Hornswoggle's reflections provide a unique perspective on the resilience and adaptability required in the ever-evolving wrestling industry.