WWE Hall of Famer Barred from Attending Sting AEW Farewell Match

Two Wrestling Icons Face a Heartfelt Crossroads.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Hall of Famer Barred from Attending Sting AEW Farewell Match
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The wrestling world is abuzz as we approach the grand finale of Sting's illustrious career at this year's AEW Revolution, set to unfold in just under a fortnight. Anticipation is high, with fans eagerly expecting a reunion of "The Icon's" former adversaries and comrades during this landmark event.

However, in a twist that has caught many by surprise, Kevin Nash, a figure synonymous with wrestling royalty, revealed on a recent installment of "Kliq This" that he will regrettably miss the historic occasion. The reason behind Nash's absence stems from his commitments to WWE, which prevent him from participating in or even attending the event as a spectator.

Nash shared that Sting personally reached out to him, hoping to involve him in some capacity during the farewell match. "He asked me to be a part of it, and it pained me to decline. Given my ties with WWE, showing up there, even as part of the audience, would be problematic," Nash explained, hinting at the complexities of cross-promotional appearances in the wrestling world.

Mutual Disappointment Voiced

The disappointment was mutual, with Nash expressing how their deep-rooted friendship made this moment significant for both. "Sting wanted me there because of our shared journey in this industry.

It's disappointing for both of us, but sometimes professional obligations take precedence," Nash lamented. Before delivering the unfortunate news to Sting, Nash sought WWE's stance, hoping for a possible exception. His recounting of the conversation hinted at the delicate nature of such requests.

"The moment you ask and there's that brief silence, you know the answer. It's akin to seeking permission for a controversial outing—response or lack thereof speaks volumes," he shared, painting a vivid picture of the situation's sensitivity.

As Sting prepares to defend the AEW World Tag Team Championship with Darby Allin against The Young Bucks at Revolution, the absence of Kevin Nash will undoubtedly be felt. Yet, this event promises to be a fitting tribute to "The Icon's" legendary career, marking the end of an era in professional wrestling.

Fans and colleagues alike will look forward to celebrating Sting's remarkable journey, even as some faces from his past, like Nash, will have to cheer from afar due to the intricate web of professional alliances.

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