Gunther Considers Adding Female Wrestlers to Imperium

Gunther showcases newfound autonomy in WWE performances.

by Noman Rasool
Gunther Considers Adding Female Wrestlers to Imperium
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Since his debut in NXT UK, where he triumphed over Pete Dunne, Gunther has become one of WWE's standout performers. As the leader of Imperium, he has recently addressed speculation about the faction's future growth. Amidst an impressive tenure as the Intercontinental Champion, Gunther has shattered numerous records, establishing himself as an unbeatable force in the ring.

Despite a close call with Jey Uso on the latest RAW episode, Gunther managed to retain his title, thanks in part to a timely distraction from Jimmy Uso. In a recent discussion on The Battleground Podcast, the question of expanding Imperium's ranks was put to Gunther.

He made it clear that there are no immediate plans to introduce new members, be they male or female, into the group. Gunther emphasized the organic nature of Imperium, suggesting that any addition to the team would have to come naturally, rather than being forced.

While it's common for WWE factions to include female wrestlers, it seems that Imperium will maintain its current all-male lineup for the foreseeable future. This decision underlines the group's selectiveness and the importance of genuine connections among its members.

Gunther's Evolving Independence

Gunther's independence in the ring has been more pronounced lately, with less reliance on Imperium's Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci for support during critical matches. This shift from his previous heel persona highlights his evolving role within WWE.

The bonds within Imperium run deep, with Gunther revealing a long-standing relationship with its members, particularly with Kaiser, whom he has known since the early 2010s. Their shared history, spanning numerous journeys in Germany and now in WWE, forms the foundation of their alliance.

This personal connection, according to Gunther, is crucial for the cohesion and effectiveness of Imperium. As Gunther continues to dominate as one of RAW's leading antagonists, fans remain intrigued by the potential evolution of his character and the strategic dynamics within Imperium.