Randy Orton Mistook CM Punk's WWE Comeback for Prank

WWE's Survivor Series delivers unexpected twists and returns.

by Noman Rasool
Randy Orton Mistook CM Punk's WWE Comeback for Prank
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WWE Universe witnessed a dramatic twist at Survivor Series when Randy Orton made his highly anticipated return to the ring during the men’s WarGames match. Orton, who had been sidelined for 18 months due to back surgery, was gearing up for a surprise comeback that got overshadowed by the swirling rumors of CM Punk's possible return to WWE in his native Chicago.

In an exclusive conversation with Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso, Orton disclosed that his intended surprise entry at Survivor Series was preemptively revealed by WWE. This strategic move was in response to the growing speculation about Punk, leading WWE to hint at Orton's participation a week before the event through Cody Rhodes' announcement of a "friend" joining WarGames.

Orton recounted the moment with a mix of astonishment and incredulity when Triple H pulled him aside on the day of Survivor Series. The news that CM Punk was slated to make his return that very night seemed so implausible that Orton's first instinct was to dismiss it as a playful ruse.

The reality that Punk's return had been hastily arranged just a few days prior added an additional layer of surprise to the unfolding events.

Orton's Mature Response

Despite the potential for frustration, Orton reflected on his maturity and professionalism, acknowledging that the younger version of himself might have reacted negatively to his comeback being overshadowed.

However, he embraced the moment, contributing to a memorable WarGames match and sharing the spotlight with Punk's return, proving his growth both as a performer and an individual. With CM Punk sidelined due to a torn triceps, Orton is now poised to seize the opportunity at WrestleMania.

He is set to compete in the Elimination Chamber in Australia against formidable opponents including LA Knight, Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens, Logan Paul, and Drew McIntyre. The victor will earn a coveted spot at WrestleMania 40, challenging Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship, a chance to further cement Orton's legacy in WWE history.

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